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August 29, 2013 – 03:08
Beautiful Deisgn and Shape of Aluminium or Copper Welding /Welded

Tungsten copper resistance welding electrodes and EDM electrode material

Resistance welding is the use of contact resistance when the current through the workpiece heating and welding under the external pressure of the process. For clamping workpieces to be welded, and passed through the delivery of the required current external pressure is called resistance welding electrode electrode. Resistance welding electrode material should have good electrical conductivity, high-temperature hardness and strength, do not occur with the material to be welded chemical reaction or adhesion properties. In addition to this electrode material into the legal system with the smelting of copper alloy, but has taken more into the legal system of tungsten copper powder metallurgy materials. They have a much higher than copper alloy high temperature hardness, strength and resistance welding, arc resistance burning properties, and resistance to deformation, long life. In addition, powder dispersion strengthened copper - aluminum oxide (Cu-Al2O3) alloys is not only good conductivity and high temperature mechanical properties, has also been used as a resistance welding electrode material. EDM used in copper, silver, tungsten, graphite electrodes, are also gradually switching to tungsten - copper composite materials.

Tungsten copper alloy combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc erosion, high strength, heavy, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, easy machining, and has features such as sweating Coolers, because having a tungsten high hardness, high melting point, anti-adhesion characteristics, are often used to make a certain wear resistance, high temperature welding, welding electrode.

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3M 3M 8805 Thermally Conductive Double-Sided Bonding Tape, 0.005" Thick, 2" Wide x 36 yards, 1 Roll
  • 3M 8805 is a tacky pressure sensitive adhesive loaded with thermally conductive ceramic fillers that do not require a heat cure cycle to form an excellent bond to...
  • The specialized chemistry of 3M 8805 renders the tape modestly soft and able to wet to many surfaces, allowing it to conform well to non-flat substrates, provide...
  • Excellent adhesive performance with good wetting and flow onto many substrate surfaces. These tapes offer both good thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation...
  • Thermally Conductive (0.6 W/m-k)
  • Thermal Impedance (0.50 C-in2/W)

Can I put a copper heat sink in the dishwasher?

2012-08-25 20:32:10 by Done-zo

Ive got an old format (478) copper Cooler Master heat sink from a build I gave my buddy awhile back.
He just gave the computer back to me, and the heat sink is disgusting.
Id rather not use 10 cans of air trying to get it clean. I dont think it would hurt it to put it in the dishwasher... but i just want to be sure.
anyone done anything like this?
anyone have a suggestion other than $20 in duster?
(it took a full day of soaking the base in isopropyl to get some of the grime chunks off)
been meaning to invest in an air compressor.... damn school payments...

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