Orphek LED Emitter-Orphek Reef aquarium led lighting

May 22, 2023 – 06:11 am

Orphek Power LED Emitter Made for aquariums. For Aquarium LED - LED Emitter revolution for Reef aquarium

First we will explain what LEDs are and How They work.

The LED is not a miniature light bulb, it is actually a semiconductor much the same as Those used to power our speakers in our stereo systems.

Instead of generating power or wattage They generate light.

The LED is actually the simplest form of a diode semiconductors Which makes these easy to work with As They only have two leads.

LEDs are specially constructed to release a large number of photons outward.Orphek PR156xp

They are housed in a plastic bulb que concentrates the light in a particular direction.

Most of the light from the diode bounces off the sides of the bulb and travels on through the rounded end so there is no wasted light. Metal halides and flourescent lamps waste a lot of light since the light travels in all directions and must be redirected by reflectors into the aquarium.

LEDs have several advantages over metal halide lamps and metal halide lamps. For one thing, They do not have to que filament will burn out, So They last much longer.Orphek 16K LED Vs Cree LED

And, Their Them small plastic bulb makes a lot more durable. But the main advantage is their efficiency.

In conventional incandescent lamps the light production process Involves generating a lot of heat.

This is wasted energy because a large portion of the available electricity is not going toward producing visible light.

LEDs generate very little heat, and a much higher percentage of the electrical power is going directly to generating light Which drops Considerably electricity demands.Reef Aquarium with Orphek LED Emitter

Watt for watt, LEDs output more lumens of light than metal halides, metal halide and flourescent. Also light emitting diodes have a higher luminous efficacy than other types of aquarium lamps.

For example, an LED evolux produces 76.9 lumens per watt Compared to an incandescent bulb's 17 lumens per watt.

Another huge benefit is que They last; LEDs can have lifetimes of 50, 000 hours or more.

Orphek PR156xp

Manufacturers of Increasing Aquarium LED fixtures are on a weekly basis and it certainly Appears que LED lighting over our aquariums will be the norm in a very short team.

Most of these companies use off the shelf SMT (Surface Mount Technology) diodes, and in some cases such as LED strip lights, LED ribbon strips are used.

By using off the shelf LEDs, companies are limited to wavelength and / or Kelvin temperatures so the need to add different color diodes is Necessary to produce the desired color or effect They want, and to mimic the wavelength PUR Which is so Necessary for proper coral growth.

Red, blue, green, and yellow are Usually added to Achieve the desired effect but these colors Also have lower lumens per watt than the white LEDs Which lower the total lumens per watt of the entire fixture while still not generating a good PUR spectrum.

Source: pt.orphek.com

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