Bath And Beauty Products For Superheroes And Slayers

FemmeFandomFix was started in 2017 by a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fanatic named Brandy who wanted prizes for a Buffy party she was throwing- so she made some.  Her soaps and bath bombs were a hit, and so she decided to focus all her attention on creating geeky bath and body products for her fellow fangirls and fanboys.  Brandy is a level 24 sorceress, skilled in making bath lotions and potions and bombs and balms.
A few FAQ:
-Are any of your products tested on animals?
No.  FemmeFandomFix is one person- we don't have a factory, a warehouse, or a manufacturer.  Everything is lovingly handmade in small batches by the proprietor.  Brandy personally tests all her products on herself extensively before shipping them out- her cats are not fans of baths, and she wouldn't want to waste a perfectly good bath bomb on the unappreciative little beasts.

-Do your products contain animal products?
No.  All my soap bases are either olive oil or shea butter, and I stay away from dairy products and egg- that means no goat's milk base.  I know that a lot of people have dairy allergies, and I try to keep common allergens out of my products so more people can use them!

-Do your products contain nuts?
I use shea butter in my bath melts, lip balms, and massage bars, but if you're allergic I can make it without shea- just send me a message!  I do not use sweet almond oil because nuts are a common allergen.  

-I want to buy one of your products, but I'm scent averse/allergic to scents.  Help!
No problem!   If you have a sensitivity to scents, but you want a bath bomb for the fizzing, colourful, and skin softening/muscle relieving properties, or a nice bubble bath, send me a message!  I can make everything without scents.

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